1. New Era of Revenue Management (EN)

Kris Glabinski - Chief Business Development Officer (Lybra.Tech)

Bio Kris Glabinski

"For over 20 years Kris Glabinski has been developing Revenue Management and Distribution for airline and hotel industries. Working for global companies, educating hoteliers and developing technology companies. Kris is Chief Business Development Officer for  www.Lybra.Tech technology that is bringing a new approach to hotel Revenue Management: The Intelligent Revenue Assistant. "


2. How to drive more direct bookings with e-mail marketing (EN/PL)

Adela Holusova - Operations Manager Zoom Letter
Michał Wajda Area Revenue Manager Bookassist

Bio Adéla Holušová

Bio Michał Wajda


3. Proven Website Personalization Techniques that Boost Direct Bookings by 32% (or more!) (EN)
Sonia Merena - Conversion Specialist (The Hotels Network)

Bio Sonia Merena

Sonia’s knowledge is deeply rooted in the understanding of travelers’ booking habits. Having spent 3 years with luxury travel concierge company Quintessentially in Hong Kong, Sonia joined The Hotels Network to assist hotels in increasing the potential of their direct conversion journey through personalization based on data-driven results. An honors graduate of Ryerson University in Toronto, specializing in Marketing, Sonia


4. Win with Bookassist Metasearch (EN)

Jacopo Rita - Head of Product Metasearch (Bookassist)

Bio Jacopo Rita

Digital Marketing & E-commerce professional with 7 years experience in serving travel brands within more industry sectors (Hospitality, DMOs, Travel Media Publishers, Tour Operators) and with a strong focus into the Hotel business.
Public speaker at industry events and conferences, Digital Marketing lectureship experience.


5. Revenue Management as a tool of Digital Transformation(EN)
Adam Kuhtreiber Account Manager Hospitality, INFOR

Bio Adam Kuhtreiber

As Account Manager Austria and Eastern Europe at Infor Hospitality and with more than 10 years experience as a Leader in Revenue Management and Hospitality my goal is to provide the most suitable solution for the industry. Due to my previous positions I know the challenges the hoteliers are facing every day, and together we can turn these challenges into opportunities. I would like to offer a partnership based on confidence, professionalism and enthusiasm towards the hospitality sector.


6. Revenue Management - Price Optimizer: RMS, which supports direct bookings (and not only) (PL)
Agnieszka Chacińska Product Manager and Piotr Olesiński Produkt Manager - YieldPlanet

Bio Agnieszka Chacińska

Bio Piotr Olesiński


7. Social Media - Appetite grows as ... it looks - social media and influencer marketing in the hotel industry (PL)

Patrycja Idzińska Adream

Bio Patrycja Idzińska

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